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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


In the ‘back forty’, our little two foot square of garden, I have planted my birdhouses. I had about a dozen or so to begin with but the elements have claimed them over time. They add a touch of color to the garden during the harsh, hot summer when the more colorful plants suffer and die. They have also become refuge for the myriad of gekkos that try to escape the ‘great huntress’ AKA the cat!
This particular little guy likes to sun himself on his ‘front porch’, so I grabbed a pencil and scrap of paper and caught him as he posed.


  1. It must be so nice to have these little chaps in your garden. We get lizards but they're not quite the same as gekko's.

  2. No lizards in my garden. Some slugs, and Mr. Scaley, the garter snake that lives under the stairs.

  3. I'm sure a bird would take up in your north 40 if only the geckos would give him room!

  4. We used to call birdhouses, "catfeeders." I like your little sunbather :)


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