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Friday, August 31, 2012


Stuffies, softies, puppets, a rose by any other name………
I like the name ‘Stuffies’.
Ever since this guy showed up in my sketchbook he’s been begging to become three dimensional.
I finally obliged him!
So now he can sit with me at my desk and pester me there!

I used printable fabric that I put through my Epson printer. I don’t like how dull the color came out. If I do another I think I’ll draw directly onto white fabric with my Copics. I would like the color to ‘pop’ more. I also added a little free motion stitching. (I will practice next time before working on the actual project, lol.)


  1. Practise!! you don't need to practise, he is Perfect, absolutely love him. How clever of you making him 3D.

  2. He is ADORable! Bubble Jet Set works - supposedly - but you have to use the treated fabric right away. Or you can buy pre treated fabric but I've never tried it.

  3. He's very cute. I can see him with your other wonderful creatures. Where's that story, Robin?


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