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Thursday, August 30, 2012


When the boys were little we used to play with blocks a lot!
I was thrilled!
(BigBrother wasn’t always the best at sharing his toys, which made them all the more desirable in my eyes.)
Plus, boy toys are really cool!
Trucks and cars and blocks and things that make noise!
The best part of playing with blocks is building elaborate palaces and forts and then knocking them down!
So when the boys got to the age where knocking blocks over was fun I was right there with them!
We had several sets of blocks.
Wooden blocks, cardboard blocks, Legos. And we added to them with odd pieces of wood that we painted, which were leftover from Husband’s assorted projects. (There is no such thing as too many blocks!)
We would dump them all out on the floor in the living room and build intricate cities and neighborhoods, castles and bridges.
After all our hard work we’d become Godzillas (in Mickey slippers!) and demolish the whole thing!
Good times!

I kept the blocks we made (I’m sentimental that way, lol.)
I think they fit the ‘shelter’ theme, don’t you?


  1. I love it, I had some kinda like these along with wood block animals my Grandfather made me. They were not even painted just the shapes cut from a block of wood and I loved them. Wish I still had them to play with, with the kids of course...

  2. They definitely fit the theme Robin...nicely put together.

  3. Perfect for the theme. Cute pink houses.

  4. OH yes...they do fit the theme perfectly.

    We have blocks on the floor now almost every day. Mostly legos that we've saved from the gazillion we collected when the kids were small. SO much fun. Especially knocking them down!

  5. Lovely little blocks and great memories xx

  6. I love blocks too, and although I had 2 daughters and no sons we played with blocks quite a bit. I can see why you kept these I would have too! I also love your "Stuffie" in your next post... so much fun, but he/she needs a name I think.


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