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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Carrot Seed

I must have been about four years old.
It was before I learned to read.
My paternal grandmother came for a visit.
I was playing with my records when she asked me what my favorite one was.
I said ‘The Carrot Seed’, and I played it for her.
Then she asked me to play some of the other records, naming the ones she wanted to hear.
She said to my mother how amazing it was that I knew which records were which if I couldn’t read the labels.
I just looked at my mother in amazement that my grandmother could really be that stupid.
The vinyl records were all different colors!
So of course I knew which was which!

Years later my mother searched and searched for a copy of that record for me as a gift. (This was before the internet.)
She never did find a copy of the record but she found an out of print picture book of the story. I still have it.

Does anybody else remember this song/story?

Take a stroll down memory lane and have a listen!


  1. I'd never heard this before! What a great memory to have.

  2. Weren't those records the best? I didn't have the Carrot Seed, but my favorite was an orange record about a boy named Henry who left his toys out in the rain

  3. I don't remember this...but love that your mom searched it out. You remind me of Sophia...who has her own 'filing system' and can remember EVERYthing!

  4. Yes...Duh ;)
    I don't remember it...but I sure do remember Crockett Johnson's all-time great "Harold and the Purple Crayon"


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