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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It Was Inevitable

We stopped for a late lunch the other day.
The teenage cashier took one look at us and didn’t even ask! 


  1. LoL Happened to us with the Double Nickle club Uno's has (had? haven't been there in a while so don't know if this promotion still runs). 30% off your bill if you are 55+. We didn't have to tell the waitress and on subsequent visits, we were seated at the same table. It was almost like being Norm from Cheers

  2. oh and the Double Nickle club was Wednesdays only

  3. I was at Michael's on the weekend (We flew to Vancouver, BC for daughter's hockey)and saw a sign showing a discount if you are 55 or over, and I smiled and thought just a few more years....but at the same time thought - I hope I have to tell them!

  4. If its a discount, take it! and laugh at all of us who can't :)


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