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Saturday, March 9, 2013


On their first date my Grandfather took my Grandmother to an ice cream parlor.
He wasn’t a wealthy young man.
He had saved for weeks for this date.

As they were perusing the menu he was making suggestions about what to order based on his finances.
A soda was 5¢, how about a dish of ice cream for 10¢?
Nope, not my Grandma!
She ordered the most expensive item on the menu, half a cantaloupe filled with ice cream for 35¢!

My Grandfather’s comment was,” Boy Ruthie, you sure know how to order!”

He loved telling that story.


  1. ...and he obviously bought her the ice cream delight, he was smitten ♥♥♥, lol.

  2. Did they share the cantaloupe? Did Grandpa have enough dough for his own treat?

  3. Way to go Ruthie! My husband always told me (and whoever else would listen) that I was a cheap date. I should have been more like Ruthie I guess. Great story it so made me smile!!!
    P.S. thanks for the hugs!


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