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Friday, March 22, 2013

Waiting for the Muse

So here I sit, drumming my fingers on the table, waiting patiently (ha!) for the return of my muse.
I’m tired, impatient, depressed, disgusted, discouraged………..think of a negative adjective, I’m feeling it.

I know she’ll return when she’s ready. 
I’m just not a patient person.
And while she’s away I feel alone, inadequate, small, undeserving.

And fat, did I mention fat?
When I get discouraged it’s in all aspects of my life! LOL

This too shall pass……eventually.
In the meantime, I’m going to go play some Bubble Buster!


  1. Oh boy, I hope things improve! lol. What the heck is a bubble buster?!!!!

  2. Ruh Roh. Sounds serious. You know what I do when I'm not on top of life? NOtHING! And I've actually learned to enjoy it! Television or games aren't my favorite things...but books and magazines and blogs...oh yeah. I can sit till my fat butt gets sore and I HAVE to get up. Then it's usually to the kitchen to see if any goodies have magically appeared within the last few hours.

    I want you to Know that YOU ARE LOVED JUST the WAY you ARE!

  3. My fear is that it is the games (I like Train conductor II myself) that are causing our muses to flee. I feel like I need to stop playing to test my theory but so far haven't. I also wonder if I might not be hooked on the silly game.

  4. When muse disappears, I garden. Something physical usually helps. I too have no idea what Bubble Buster is - is it a computer game?

  5. My muse has disappeared too... I think I am just too tired right now...or perhaps too fat (am struggling with that one right now)..
    Sometimes I just need to clean my studio a bit... and the muse returns. I am going to try that now. I will send creative thoughts your way as I am cleaning (my cleaning usually ends with creating something, cause creating anything is better than cleaning!)


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