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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Once again….

I didn’t (fill in the blank.)

Do you have days where you meant to get to ‘this’ or ‘that’ but never do?
A day where you had the best of intentions but……
A day that slips away to who knows where?
A day that you just can’t seem to focus?
A day where it takes all the energy you can muster just to get from bed to the couch?

I try.
I really do.


On days such as this I take comfort in a lesson I learned from my mother.

She taught me on those particularly awful days when nothing seems to get done, write something on your to-do list that you’ve already completed.
Just to be able to cross it off and have the feeling of accomplishment!


  1. Yes, been there more often than I would like to admit! lol

  2. What a great suggestion! Now I won't have to feel guilty if I was a slug all day

  3. I am embarrased to say my to-do list no longer included anything having to do with house cleaning......... it's become a "not on my priority list." Instead, I have things like: blog post, gesso, cat litter, dog-insulin.

  4. My dear darlin. You need to put some better things on your to-do list. But even when you don't...Mother knows best. :)


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