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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mom Was Pretty Unflappable

We could talk about anything.
I mean ANYTHING. No subject was taboo or out of bounds. Questions about sex were just as common as questions about history or math.

My parent’s attitude toward sex was that it was good clean fun, and not fattening (family joke….)
I could ask them anything, and I did.

One day my mother picked up my girlfriend and me after we had spent the afternoon with friends.

 At one point our friends had made a joke about rainbow colored dildos.

I had learned very early to laugh when everyone else laughed, even when I didn’t understand the joke.
I didn’t want to look like a fool or show my ignorance and I knew I could ask for an explanation when I got home.

So when I got in the car and my mother asked if we had a good time I answered yes, but…………
And I asked what a dildo was.

My friend in the backseat was waving madly at me to shut up, signaling that she would tell me later.
My mother could see her in the rearview mirror and burst out laughing.
She then proceeded to explain to me what a dildo was.

My friend was mortified.
To me it was just another day in my life.


  1. I'm guessing what they are, don't think they are called that here!

  2. I can imagine how mortified your friend was! What a great relationship with mum ! x

  3. I would have been your friend waving madly in the back seat for you to shut your pie hole. :-D

  4. Reminds me of the day when I was very small and, in a car full of relatives, I asked my mother what f*ck meant.

  5. Reminds me of being taken by my best friend's parents to a drive in movie. The movie...Candy. Robin and I sat in the back seat in total amazement!!! Your mom was way ahead of her time.

  6. Love this story and that last sentence, beautiful ending :)


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