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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Vomit Queen

We dubbed my mother ‘The Vomit Queen’.
I never knew anyone so eager to throw up in all my life.
One of her favorite sayings was, ‘Better an empty house than a bad tenant!”

(I, on the other hand, sold my soul to the devil to never throw up again. I have what is commonly known as “if I hear it or anyone even talks about it I start to feel queasy myself’ syndrome.)

Which is why she would gleefully retell the stories of her pregnancy with BigBrother.

Over and over.

She would tell of standing on the subway platform puking up that morning’s bran muffin.
And how, when she went into labor, she had a craving for a black and white soda so she stopped off at Schrafft’s on the way to the hospital.
She said it was good going down, not so much coming back up!

“Aw, geez, Mom!” I would say.
 And she would giggle at my green complexion.

When she was recovering from open heart surgery and living with us, the boys would run screaming out of the room when she even LOOKED like she was going to hurl.
Which she did on a regular basis. With great flourish and boisterous retching.

There were times when she exhibited an exceedingly twisted sense of humor. :->


  1. A twisted sense of humor which you seem to have inherited. (-;

  2. ...and as they say 'better out than in!'...although I now feel a bit > < oooorgh!

  3. Robin.You are too funny. I agree with CJ about your bizarre sense of humor. :)but I had to laugh at picturing your boys running screaming from the room in case she was ready to "hurl." And the more I think about your story, the more I feel strangely ill..........lol


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