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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Caught Red Handed

Every morning we found crumbs on our kitchen floor. 
We thought we had mice.

Until BigBrother visited us and solved the mystery.

Son2 was an Oreoholic.
Left to his own devices he would eat an entire package in one sitting.
So, being the good parents we were, we hid them on the tippy top shelf of the kitchen cabinet.
Our kitchen had a vaulted ceiling and the cabinets were almost to the ceiling. The point here is they were TALL cabinets and the top shelf was way the hell up there!

When BigBrother came to visit he slept on the couch which had a direct view at the counter and cabinet where said Oreos were kept.

On the first morning of his visit he regaled us with this story.

It was around dawn and as he was half dozing on the couch this is what he saw;
A small shadowy figure came silently down the hall and into the kitchen. 
Quietly slid a chair over to the counter, climbed up the chair, onto the counter, and using the shelves of the cabinet like a ladder CLIMBED UP  TO REACH THE OREOS! 
Took the package, climbed down and sat on the counter enjoying a pre-dawn snack. 
He then climbed back up the shelves returning the Oreos to their original position, climbed down, closed the cabinet, returned the chair to its rightful place and even thought to BRUSH THE CRUMBS OFF THE COUNTER!

We’re talking a four year old here!

As BigBrother amused us with this story we all looked at Son2 and wondered out loud “Who could it be?”

He denied the whole thing! LOL


  1. :-D I love the part of cleaning off the counter!

  2. i cringed at the part where he used the shelves like a ladder!! little kids are like monkeys, aren't they?

    very cute illustration....love the perspective!

  3. and that was why you stopped buying oreos? :lol:
    What a little monkey!

  4. That's the trouble with four year old. They don't know how to be truly sneaky, lol. Bet he got better after being found out that time!

  5. But did he ever do it again?...I'm thinking Oreos need to come with a Health and Safety warning, lol.

  6. Love the story Love the picture! I hope you moved the oreos to a lower shelf so he didn't have to continue climbing after that!

  7. He's right! There's something about oreo's! I bet he still has good taste.

  8. Reminds me of when I'd sneak into the kitchen to sneak candy from the cabinets over the washer and dryer and then lie to one of my parents that soandso said I could have it.
    Very cute illustration!


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