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Saturday, April 20, 2013

No, the Basement Doesn’t Flood Why Do You Ask?

One of the houses we lived in had a very steep embankment in the backyard.
In fact there really wasn’t a backyard so much as walled tiers going pretty much straight uphill.
When it rained the tiers turned into a lovely waterfall that emptied into our basement.

Not every rainfall would flood the basement, just most of them.
There was a drain in the floor of the basement because the builder must have known what would happen in a storm.

One fine rainy day the realtor called to say that she was coming with a perspective buyer.
Did my mother panic at the thought of showing a house with a wet basement?
She did not!
She did what any honest, upstanding, well intentioned person (who was trying to sell their house) would do.
She waited until she saw the realtor and her client approaching the front door and went down to the basement, turned on the garden hose and when they came downstairs she just said, “Oh, excuse me! I didn’t expect you this quickly. I was just tidying up.”

When the buyer asked if the basement flooded my mother looked him straight in the eye and said, “Why no, the basement doesn’t flood.”

She was a pillar of integrity! LOL (and yes, he bought the house!)


  1. Well...technically there's flood and flood. Up to a foot of water that then drains away, is that flooding, or just a bit of damp! Over a foot of water that Stays for days, could be classed as a swimming pool!...so I'm thinking your mum was completely honest in her answer. lol :)


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