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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Grandmother Was Bats**t Crazy: Con’t

One of the ‘chores’ we had when visiting Grandma was taking out the garbage.
She kept the can in the basement.

You never saw a basement like this.
It was pristine!
You could have literally eaten off the floor.
And it was completely, totally, utterly empty except for the garbage can.

The basement floor was painted to within an inch of its life with glossy grey sealant. The walls were glossy white.
And sitting right in the center was the garbage can.
So shiny and new looking you would think it was never used.

She would spread out newspaper on the floor, and the can would be lined with newspaper.
As you filled it with garbage you had to fold down the pages of the newspaper to cover the garbage so it wouldn’t stink.

And the ONLY time we were allowed in the basement was to take down the garbage.
We weren’t allowed to play down there because we might get it dirty!
The basement!
We might get the basement DIRTY!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Have I mentioned she was OCD?


  1. I need to channel your grandma to clean my basement

  2. That does sound a bit obsessive, your Grandma must have had an early version of OCD! lol

  3. LOL! You may have mentioned that before! So much fun to read about your family. Hahahaha. The basement?!?!?


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