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Thursday, April 18, 2013

WIP Update.......

Its coming along….but not fast enough to be done by tomorrow.
That’s okay though.
I’m quite pleased with how it’s progressing and I’m not willing to compromise just to meet a deadline.
That may be self delusion (keeping me from putting myself out there? or really more interested in doing it the way I want? Hmmmmm…….)

Maybe if there’s another ‘Recycle’ show I’ll enter that. 
Drying in front of the fan.

Looks odd doesn’t it? LOL
Around here they leave some of the old dead tress standing for the Osprey’s to build nests in.
Most of them are in the middle of empty lots, looking rather dejected and lonely.
This one is my favorite. I named him 'Petey'.

As I was crumpling a brown paper bag it started to look familiar and the next thing I knew it was one of the trees!

Stay tuned for the finale, coming soon to this theatre!


  1. Love it...it's a Tree! Only you could twist a paper bag and make it look good Robin...can't wait to see the osprey though! ...
    only joking > <

  2. Wicked! (what the rest of the world calls awesome)

  3. I'd like to commission some petey themed 3d art please.

  4. Come on, you can get it ready for tomorrow! We're all cheering you on :)
    Its a great tree x

  5. LOL! I love that your art was inspired by Petey! Can't wait to see it. Does it have to dry to be entered...or to go on to the next step?

  6. I like how you found inspiration around you and came up with the paper bag idea. Very creative.


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