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Monday, April 15, 2013

WIP ‘s (works in progress)

I haven’t been feeling very verbose lately.
So I’ve been working on a few artsy/fartsy things.
Flitting from one project to another. Not really focusing on any of them.
The Black and Whites are in a state of suspended animation.
I can’t seem to make a decision on what to do with the paper dolls.
And I’m working on a long unfinished project thinking maybe I’ll enter it in the 27th Annual All Florida Juried Exhibition. The due date is Saturday the 20th!
Shall I take bets on whether or not I make it on time? LOL


  1. I like what I'm seeing. You can make it!!

  2. You can do it!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the finish :)

  3. Of course you can be ready for the 20th! :)

  4. Hey it is paper mache! Is it not? My old love. I think I may still have a ball of the stuff in the fridge. You're working with paper strips here is seems. Do it! Finish it! Yes you can!

  5. And...ps...that's one awesomely cute bird there!

  6. Yes, that bird is awefully cute. You can do it! Nothing like a bit of pressure from your friends, huh?!I wanna see him finished regardless of whether you make the deadline.

  7. Yes very cute!! and the question really is, do you want to finish it in time??? I am sure you can if you want to. I have also been flitting from project to project, and am now trying to focus on finishing a number of projects that have been left in an unfinished state. Will see how it goes. Good luck with your unfinished project.


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