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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pat & Mike

When I was in third grade two if my classmates were identical twins named Pat and Mike.
The only difference between them were two small moles on Mike’s left cheek.
Apparently the moles were tiny or at least not very noticeable because the adults always had trouble telling the two boys apart.
I never did.

I liked Pat.
He did not return my affections.

Mike liked me.
So much so that one day he showed up on our doorstep stating that he wanted to marry me.
(Humongous diamond ring in hand!)

I stood at the top of the stairs madly waving my arms and shaking my head to let my mother know I was not at all interested in this idea.
So she sent him on his way saying she would relay his offer to me.

I was both disappointed and impressed at the same time.

Disappointed it wasn’t Pat, but impressed that Mike had ridden his bicycle all the way from his house to ours.
It was quite a distance plus it involved crossing Scarsdale road!
And without the crossing guard that was a pretty scary endeavor!

I guess love does conquer all fears! LOL 


  1. I would have dissolved into embarrassment if that had happened to me!...on the other hand....
    Great drawings Robin :)

  2. LOL, yes and luckily so :-) Love the tale and the two identical boys .

  3. But continue the story. What happened when Mike saw you the next day at school?

  4. Ahhh...the memory of the first marriage proposal. As cute as you are, I'm surprised they weren't fighting over you!

  5. oh, what a cute/sad story. I would have been embarrassed, too, but I bet the poor fellow was crushed!! he just KNEW you were going to say yes, I'm sure!!

  6. I am wondering if you still know them now that they are older. If not, maybe you could make up a story about that for us? :D

  7. well seeing that cute picture of you in your early days I can see why he came with his huge diamond ring... my question is what would have happened if it had been Pat???


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