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Thursday, August 22, 2013

BigBrother, Episode……..I’ve Lost Track

BigBrother was a very helpful child.
He was always taking it upon himself to do thing for our parents.

They were big ‘do it yourself-ers’, our parents.
My father was a master wallpaper hanger (that’s where I learned all my curse words, but I digress.)

In one of our houses my parents finished the basement into a rec room.
They sealed and painted and paneled and tiled.
BigBrother wanted to help.
So one night he went down into the beautiful new rec room and commenced to ‘paint’ the redwood furniture that was to be the room’s décor.
With the paint brushes my parents left sitting in a coffee can of turpentine.
As the turpentine dripped through the slats of the furniture it ate away at the lovely new linoleum tiles.

My mother said they had to scrape the tiles up with a putty knife it was so gooey!


  1. awww...that's so sad! he was only trying to help :(

  2. Man, that would have caused a mushroom cloud to form over my house.

  3. The cool thing is...I bet you all laughed about it!


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