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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dear Mom,

Remember when we used to refer to the places we lived by their addresses? The house at 98 Manor Rd?.....when we lived at 7 Endicott?....
I was thinking about that today and it occurred to me this address doesn’t really lend itself to that kind of alliteration.
……Remember when we lived at 1234 north east eleventh place?
Too many syllables!

I wish you were here to hear my train of thought because I know you would get it.

On the one hand I wish you were still here. On the other hand I’m glad I didn’t have to see you sink into senility. Or suffer more pain and degradation with what the ‘medicos’ were doing to you.

Remember all the plans we had for when I would take early retirement?
The plans for shopping and lunches and taking the boys to fun places?
You almost made it.
I retired four months after you died.

It’s not at all like I thought it would be.
I miss you.

Wherever you are I hope you know I'm thinking about you more today. 
Happy Birthday.


  1. When addressing invitations with house numbers like 11248 Sycamore or 5680 Martin Meadow Pond, you can hear me whining what ever happened to just plain old 6 Elm!. Thoughts are with you and your mom.

  2. Oh, so sad. My mom died when I was 24 and I still miss her.

    I lived in too many places to remember them all but I do remember the house in Vacaville on Ironwood St. and the Tommy Dr. house in San Diego. The Clarke Dr. house became home finally and it stayed home till both my parents were gone. I do remember remembering our houses by the street names!

  3. so sad you didn't get to do all the things you had planned. :(

    I know what you mean about the number/street thing. My husband's family is like that. Our family just refers to the street name.

  4. Something not being at all like you thought it would be and not being able to tell your mom. That struck me.


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