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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh Boy, New Toy!

It finally came! My new Gelli Plate!

I’ve been hearing and reading about this technique all over the place. It sounded interesting, but do I really NEED a new toy/technique?
It was my friend Laurie who finally made me want one.
She creates the most gorgeous backgrounds for her journal pages. (When I try, I either don’t go far enough or I go too far and both ways end up a hot mess! LOL)
I suggested she start a website or an Etsy shop to sell her pages to background impaired people like me!
So, anyway, I broke down and ordered one.
Now what…….?


  1. So excited to see what you'll do with this, because indeed I've been hearing about it all over the place too - wondering the exact same thing you were - do I REALLY need it?? ;) Trying very hard to 'be happy with what I HAVE' to attain inner peace - lol - and I'm trying to gell it (pun intended ;)) with all the stuff I still seem to 'need' ;)

  2. Oh dear. WHY have you out this into my head????? x

  3. A new toy? Do I need one? What is it? What does it do?

  4. I've heard of them too. Can't wait to see what you do with this. I'm imagining backgrounds for your creatures!

  5. i've been hearing lots about them, too. you have the coolest toys!!

    i'm still trying to talk myself into buying the little "building" stamps that you have!!

    have fun playing with your new toys :)

  6. I love using gelatin for backgrounds...and have heard that these gelli plates are very similar. Just go play with it...and have fun!

  7. I haven't heard of them till just now. If I end up getting one after seeing what you've said and seeing what you do with it, I'll blame you, lol!

  8. OH, the places you will go with this fun toy....... lol!

  9. I bought one quite some time ago... but haven't used it much. I love what other people are doing with it, but haven't had much time to experiment with it myself. I am sure it will be fun when I get there.

  10. This is on my wish list too! Can I come over and try it out?


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