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Monday, August 19, 2013

Then I Had This Scathingly Brilliant Idea

Which has turned out to be a real mathematical pain in the arse!

But I started it and I’m going to finish it! Even if it kills me! LOL
I still don’t know what I’m going to DO with any of it. Just maybe play with it.
Wait…….maybe one of my creatures is going to find his way into town….hmmmmm…..


  1. <3 :D !! Awesome :D And yes, I'm up for your challenge :D

  2. It is a brilliant idea! A 3D townscape, love it. You can have all your favourite shops there, cafes, restaurants, art galleries, museums, the possibilities are endless. Or am I getting carried away here? I don't care, I reckon you could construct your perfect town and be Mayor...I'll be Assistant Mayor if that's okay! (it's alright I haven't taken my tablets yet this morning!!)

  3. as long as you stick with facades only....that's good. if you start building interiors, too, well, then that's just crazy!!

    have fun!

  4. Catching up on all the work you did since I last checked, you've been SO productive. Can we have a coloring-in party with this developing city maybe?

  5. Looks like you're on to something exciting. I would like to color some of those buildings in.

  6. A 3-D town? Wow, you are very creative and playful. I would never think to just make a town. Neat! Christmas village under the tree, a creature village, oh you can have fun with this once you work out what is bugging you!


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