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Friday, August 23, 2013

I Saved the Best for Last

One of my mother’s favorite stories about BigBrother was this one:

BigBrother played hooky from school…..with a GIRL! (He must have been about fifteen, which would make me ten.)
I don’t know how my mother found out but we went looking for him.
Someone told her they were in the woods behind the shopping center. 
Anyway, she sent ME into the woods to get him. (I don’t know why.)

All the way home as BigBrother and his girlfriend sat in the backseat looking guilty, I sat in the front seat, facing backwards with my chin resting on the headrest and asking, “What were you doing in the woods, BigBrother? Huh? Huh? Huh? What were you doing?”

My mother thought it was hysterical. 


  1. Nice one...so did you ever find out what he was doing? > <

  2. Bet your brother or his girl friend didn't find it so hysterical

  3. Sent YOU into the woods! Makes you wonder why indeed. Another one you cannot ask her anymore. Did you ever ask a boy to fix something with a brother instead of doing it yourself? I wonder if I will (not yet, they would get lost in a wood anyway)

  4. hehehehe...maybe they were hiking :)

  5. Oh how your stories always bring a smile to my face, and a chuckle to my heart! I would have loved to be your friend growing up!


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