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Saturday, August 31, 2013

All I wanted to do Was Make a Birthday Card

I take out Tablet and begin to draw a cake.
Things go smoothly (this should have been my first clue.)
I finish drawing and embellishing the cake (it turns out great, if I do say so myself) and save it to my gallery because I’ve been burned before.
I decide I should start a new layer for the candles since there are going to be so many and I don’t want to mess up the beautiful cake I’ve just finished.

This is where it all starts to go wrong.

 I start drawing the candles but after a few I think (another red flag of things to come) I could just import this into Computer and duplicate the candles to save me time and effort.

So I ‘turn off’ the cake layer and go to save the candles as a separate file and…….AAAARRRRGGGGHGHHHH!
I deleted the cake.

Now on computer this is no big deal you just go into the recycle bin and retrieve it. But on Tablet the operating system             DOES NOT HAVE A RECYCLE BIN!
(I consider this a major flaw from the system developers. Haven’t they ever gone ‘oooops’ and accidentally deleted something? What were they thinking? That nobody makes mistakes? Or has second thoughts? C’mon! We’re all human! Get with the program here guys!)

So I do what any normal person would do. I Google how to retrieve deleted files for android.
Because starting over is NOT an option.

This process involves USB cables, syncing Tablet with Computer, updating drivers, and delving into the deep dark recesses of Tablet where everyday, normal human beings dare not tread.

Several hours and multiple You Tube videos later I’ve downloaded and uninstalled at least three different ‘free’ programs that promise to find my deleted file.
I give up in frustration, uninstall all the downloads on both Computer and Tablet, put all the settings back to normal and redraw the cake.
(There comes a time when the balance of how to fix it or just do it over tips to just do it over!)

I redraw the cake, save it AND e-mail a copy to myself, just in case!
Then I switch over to Computer to tweak  a few things, duplicate candles to the required amount and print it out.

Wait, the colors are all wrong! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

Once I finished calibrating my printer………….I finally got everything all lined up, colors corrected and printed out!


So what I thought would be a nice, quick, personal, handmade card turned out to be an all day (and half the night) ordeal of frustration and stubbornness!
I hope you like it! There aren’t too many people I would do this for! Happy Birthday!


  1. I love it! Well except for the part about so many candles. xox

  2. Well, it was all worth the effort...eventually, lol :)

  3. :-D and the sentiment on the card, too. :-D

  4. It's a really great card. In fact it's good enough to be a "Hallmark" moment! Going between programs and sources can get really frustrating.

  5. I think you secretly like all that computer stuff and just wanted to let us know what a marvelous nerd you are. The recipient of the cake will LOVE it!!!

  6. You persevered (I'm not sure I would have.) What a great card despite what you had to go through. :)


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