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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Sometimes I think we forget to look at the things we have achieved.
We’re so busy making the ‘bucket lists’ and rushing headlong onto the next ‘to do’ that we don’t stop and take the time to appreciate what we’ve accomplished.

I decided to list some of the things I’ve actually done since starting on this artsy adventure.

When I first started taking online classes I was convinced I could NOT draw.
I had tried and failed miserably before.
Then I took a class from Carla Sonheim and I actually drew!
Although it wasn’t very good, it was mine. And I liked it.

I have come to love my style.

Next I took a watercolor class from Jane Lafazio.
And I learned how to draw more realistically.
I’m still not as good as I’d like to be but from that class I have gone from tentative pencil drawing and lots of erasing to sketching IN PEN!  No underlying pencil first.
Something I NEVER thought I’d be confident enough to do.

Another check off the list.

I’ve joined online challenges and actually shown my work!

I’ve gained the courage to enter a few shows.

I’ve been accepted into a show.

I made my first gallery sale.

I’ve submitted things to magazines for publication.  (still working on this one.)
But I think the value is in the submitting, because that’s the scariest part! (Although I have no doubt being published will be awesome! LOL)

There are still lots of things on my list I want to do but when I get discouraged and think I’m not getting anywhere I’ll stop and take the time to see how far I’ve really come.

I think everyone should do this; you’ll be surprised to see just how much you’ve really accomplished!


  1. What a wonderful idea!
    I'll start with : I made a wonderful friend in YOU :) xx

  2. Not only all of the above…but you've also managed to make a lot of wonderful friends on the internet with your oh so witty…and beautiful Artsy blog!

  3. I second or "third" what everyone already said. lol!!

  4. Y\AY, YAY and YAY for you!!! I know I'm nowhere regularly, but so glad I stumbled on this one - love the sentiment, thinking about what you have & did & celebrate all that as opposed to all these should and could dos - and you've done a LOT!! x!

  5. Let me join in on the party! You are quite witty and you tell great stories. Don't forget to add those to what you have accomplished. Not everyone can be funny or tell good stories! I love your style too. It's fun and happy and full of life.

    Yes, I have grown a lot too. I used to do everything but draw. Well, not quite true as every so often I would try and be unhappy and quit. Then online classes such as you mentioned came along and I found some that made me realize I could draw too. And I found online friends. That should be counted too.

    They say people are happier who live in the moment but sometimes I think we need the parameters of the future (bucket list sort of) and the past (our accomplishments) so we know where the present IS.

  6. WAHOO Robin! Yes you have accomplished so much on this artsy journey! I love your drawings, but you are also a wonderful writer with an amazing sense of humor. I always know I will smile when I visit here, and what a wonderful gift that is.
    I continue on enjoying the checking off on my list too. Some slower than other, but I have learned it doesn't really matter. Congratulations on all those check marks!


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