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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Meet Peter Lorre and His Family

The drawing App I use on Tablet ‘SketchbookPro’ has an option for symmetrical drawing. 
It splits the screen in half either vertically or horizontally. 
Anything you draw on one side of the screen is mirrored on the other.
It’s hysterical!

I was fooling around with the possibilities and these guys popped out.
I giggle every time!

One of them morphed into Peter Lorre….all on his own, I swear!

So I named them accordingly.


  1. But that one doesn't look anything like my husb.!!! lol

  2. I see Mr Hyde and Zilla creating beautiful children. :) Well…unless Mr Hyde doesn't just go and want to be Mrs. himself. He's so pretty!

  3. and i think you'll have all of your 29 faces done by 1am on feb 1st

  4. HAHAHA these are brilliant. I have sketchbook pro too and have been wondering what people would use this symmetry tool FOR and here you have it. To draw frustrated eyes. Did I say brilliant yet?


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