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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Trash Can Contest Continues….

Remember how I told you I dropped the garbage cans one day as I was rolling them back up the driveway and our neighbor saw me?
And how he felt it must have been his fault because I was trying to wave to him at the time, so he took it upon himself to race me to the cans in the morning to retrieve them?

I decided to let him.
Because I’m nice like that!

But since Husband’s retirement he feels it’s his job to take care of the garbage cans, both putting them out and bringing them back.
Mr. Neighbor must still believe it’s his duty.
So now it’s become a contest between the two of them!

Husband runs out on Sunday night and puts all four of our combined cans at the end of our respective driveways.
Then in the morning they race each other (practically at the crack of dawn) to fetch them.

Husband comes in the house grinning, saying, “I beat him!”
And when Mr. Neighbor beats Husband he actually gets a hangdog look.

It must be a boy thing.

I don’t get it!


  1. Haha just enjoy not doing this chore yourself!! Go Can!

  2. heheheehehehee…

    It sounds just a little like my hubby's friend across the street. :)

  3. My mother-in-law told me that men never grow older than about 7. She was not a woman to be crossed, so i believed her. Seems it's true :-)

  4. lol!! I can picture it now.


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