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Monday, January 27, 2014

Funny Story----Or Disturbing, Depending On How You Look At It

Let me preface this by saying he’s alright.

It’ 3:18 AM. 
I know this because something just woke me out of a sound sleep and I’ve looked at the clock.
Husband is not on his side of the bed.
Not unusual.
Three AM is around his usual get up to 'go peeps' time.
But then I notice something odd.

Husband is on the floor!
I’m both horrified and amused.
I figure he must have fallen out of bed (in which case I have YEARS of ribbing to look forward to.)

Being the good wife I am, I stay in bed and casually ask, “You okay?”

He gets up and stumbles into the bathroom.
When he finally returns I ask again, “What the hell happened? Are you okay?”

He says his foot was asleep when he got up to go to the bathroom and he stumbled and fell.

I guess the noise of him falling is what woke me up.
He’s okay.
His foot hurts, but its okay.

I, on the other hand am……concerned, troubled, worried and…… just slightly tickled to be able to tease him about it!

(Hey, turnabout is fair play! He kids me ALL the time!)

Update: He is fine. Just a sleepy klutz!


  1. That would be scary! My husband has had several heart attacks but hasn't fallen over for any of them. I guess I would wonder what he was doing on the floor too!

  2. Maybe you should have asked while he was down there, if he could have taken a dirty sock and dusted under the bed. (-; Glad your DH is okay.

  3. If you hadn't spoken to him, would he have stayed there I wonder? Glad he is ok :-)

  4. Oy vey. That's enough scariness for one night.

  5. Oh yeah. That would be scary. I just spent 3 ½ weeks off my foot (and still wearing the boot)…so I sure hope he's up and at it. And have fun teasing him!!!

  6. Yikes! That IS scary. Glad he's alright.


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