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Monday, January 20, 2014

Exercise—the Decision

I need to take up a sport.
The doctor said so.
But which one?
It’s a tough decision.

How about golf? Nah, first of all golf costs too much, second- it’s stupid.
Tennis? Too sweaty, plus you need a partner and my wrists are weak.
Volleyball? …..really? Where would I get the other players?
Running? Nope, too hard on joints.
Biking? I sold my bike years ago….
Roller blading? Tried it…..I have no discernible balance.
Yoga? Every time I try ‘downward facing dog’ I get a muscle cramp.
Dancing…..I’ve been told never to dance……ever. (Think Seinfeld.)
Kayaking….that requires going outdoors.
Ice skating: see roller blading.
Skiing…We live in Florida.
Water skiing…requires costly equipment.
Martial arts….um, no.
Swimming….this is the top contender if I can squeeze myself into a bathing suit. (I’ll keep you posted.)

So I’ve narrowed it down to these requirements:
Doesn’t need costly (or any) equipment.
Is a solitary endeavor (I don’t like crowds.)
No fees.
No sweating involved.

I think I’ve got it!

Does solitaire count as a sport? 


  1. Heehee...yes Solitaire is the sport for you. I was going to suggest lifting a cup of coffee, but thought the weight of the cup might injure your wrist, so Solitaire it is :-)

  2. I was thinking Scrabble. They have championships, so it must be a sport, hey? ;)

  3. Walking! I used to do that a LOT and loved it. Now I only cycle the boys to their things which is my sport now but I prefer hiking. Not 4 km/hr but 6, mind. Hmmm what would that be in miles!? You can listen to podcasts at the same time, if you need suggestions just ask :)

  4. if i can squeeze my arse into a swimsuit, anybody can!!

    plus, if you find a good aerobics group (like mine), we get in lots of gabbing which is good for your mouth muscles :)

    but solitaire is a good Plan B

  5. I second Pia. Walking. Doesn't cost anything. Don't need a partner. Don't need special clothes. Can do it while you're shopping or around your block. Start slow. A 15 min. walk is approx 1/4 mile. Or park you car a little further than you normally do from the store.

  6. Use that pool of yours honey buns…and do it at night…where it won't matter if you have a suit or not!!!

  7. swimming is the one sport I hate! good luck!


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