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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Left Hander’s Burden……

Inspired by Koosje Koene’s Draw Tip Tuesday I decided to try my hand (no pun intended...you'll get that in a minute....) at the newly arranged living room bookcase.  I grabbed a ‘failed’ piece of paper from my discard pile, a blue ballpoint pen and took a few minutes while listening to an old movie.  
Just a quickie….no judgement. 

Two works of art for the price of one….lol.


  1. It's not a mark of shame but a badge of honor. I also see a swan

  2. That hand installation is just perfect :D

  3. I do like this, great idea using discarded work to add your drawing to. Thank god someone else gets the hand stain thing, thought it was only me!

  4. That reminds me of the other day when I leaned on my paint pallette. Paint all up my arm lol! Love the artwork!

  5. Loving that you're using previously prepped (NOT failed) pieces. Looks great.


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