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Friday, May 5, 2017

You Want a Toe-Mah-Toe Sandwich?

After all the hellos and hugs Grandma went into grandma mode…..feeding us! The first question out of her mouth after all the hellos was ALWAYS “You want a ‘toe-mah-toe’ sandwich?” Mostly she asked this of BigBro but I got in on the deal.
Toasted tomato sandwiches on homemade bread (sliced slightly thicker than store bought bread) with vine ripened tomatoes from their garden. In all my life, before or since, I have never had a sandwich that tasted as good as Grandma’s! And they kept coming! I don’t remember what BigBro’s record was, but I’m sure he put a significant dent in their tomato supply.
For my special treat Grandma made cinnamon toast for breakfast. Every morning of our visit I got to have cinnamon toast.  And eggs!  (keep in mind, as a kid, I was supposedly allergic to eggs….among other things. And Grandma conveniently ‘forgot’ all my restrictions.)

Now THAT’S love….feeding your grandchild food that could possibly have detrimental effects…..amiright?????


  1. Well, yes! That's why grandma's sometimes slip a bit of chocolate into their little mouths.

  2. No tomato tastes as good as home grown


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