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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

Technology is amazing. I find it remarkable you can hold a tiny device in your hand, tethered to nothing, and have access to the world. ANYTHING you want….movies….music…information…..directions…..the list goes on.
Wireless technology is magical. I don’t understand it and it astonishes me. I’m sure there are gremlins involved in some way, they’re just not telling us! LOL
And yet I’m totally unimpressed with the fact you can turn on a radio and get music out of a box, or for that matter put a bunch of metal tubes on your roof and have another box filled with pictures.
Radio waves don’t impress me but wireless technology does…..
Why is that?

I grew up with radio and TV so it just seems normal I guess. But hand held devices impress the hell out of me! 
Pardon me, does this make me look old?


  1. LOL! Love the drawing. SO stylish. And, yes. Wireless IS fascinating...but our kids take it for granted.

  2. Wireless is still using radio waves, just not tethered between two points like a string and two tin cans. I love your drawing. As a kid, I loved the Conelrad display and tones when waiting for a program or when television ended for the night. The figures dress reminds me of the picture taking a moment before the signal unscrambled. And I adore her peep toe shoes.

  3. Personally, I think kids these days are born with a techno micro-chip. Don't tell anyone I've worked that out, we could be in danger!


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