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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

Next thought: Do you ever wonder…….. when some guy decides he’s going to pop the question to his girlfriend in a really big way and hires a sky writer to fly over a stadium at half time…….puffing out WILL YOU MARRY ME, REBECCA? Do you ever think about the statistical possibility of how many other Rebecca’s there are in a crowd of 80,000 fans? And out of all those Rebecca’s how many of them turn to their unsuspecting boyfriends shrieking YES and throwing their arms around his neck because all the way to the stadium in the car she was secretly hoping this would happen?

I wonder how many poor guys have been suckered this way?


  1. Yes! I HAVE wondered that! It'd be one heck of a sticky situation.

  2. hahaha! No, I never even thought of that but you're right. Tricky situation to get out of .... :-D


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