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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

I often have trouble making art just for the sake of the doing. I find myself asking why? To what end? What am I going to do with it? To sell? To share? To exhibit?
If I can’t come up with a satisfactory answer I don’t do anything. I get stuck in a quagmire of nothingness.
And I brood.
I get cranky which leads to depressed…..
Then I wonder what’s wrong with me.
And  I wonder if some of the adults I encountered in my formative years who tried to make me right handed......or questioned some of the things I did, or said , or thought or believed…..I wonder if they didn’t fry some of my brain circuits.

It would explain so much……


  1. I understand this one. I am the same way. I think it comes from when I was younger and poor. Anything I made was for a need. I could knit my kids cardigans because they needed sweaters or jackets. The same with crocheting an Afghan for them as it subbed fo a blanket I'd have to buy. Now I don't need to do my crafts and art for anything but enjoyment and sometimes I get stuck feeling like I don't have a reason then to create. It

  2. I know the feeling too. Thank goodness for our blogs at least someone out there may see what we do.

  3. Just to enjoy what one is doing, without thinking about the purpose...that's hard, difficult and it brings bad conscience. To b productive and make results for some greater purpose...
    I know!

  4. I hope you'll give yourself to just PLAY. And, no matter what you come up with, it always delights me!

  5. Oh Robin, this makes me sad... there shouldn't be a reason for making art. You do it for yourself, to feel good. Just like you read books. Or go for a walk. Because otherwise you get cranky ;-) And of course for all of us, who so enjoy seeing what you get up to and what crazy creatures come out of your fantasy. And what you should do with it? The three postcards I was lucky enough to receive from you were exactly what I'm always looking for in the store and can never find. I would buy them all if you ever decided to sell them. And I would not be the only one... Keep creating! The world needs people like you ...

  6. I too am the same..... a good deal of crankiness if I don't create.... ..I have had no time to create lately,(day job has become a day and night job lately.... busy season arrived!) so I need you to create so you can share it and then I get to see it and it makes me happy! Keep creating - I love seeing what you make!


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