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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

This has been puzzling me for a while now…..

It heartens me to see more and more companies making organic products available. This is a good thing! I am all for going back to the way our grandparents ate. REAL food from gardens and farms that don’t rely on chemical pesticides and antibiotics. But…..for certain foods I don’t see how they can claim that it’s organic.
I refer to honey in particular.
How can a bee keeper guarantee the honey his bees produce is purely organic?
I understand they have guidelines, like the area surrounding the hives for a certain distance has to be pesticide free. Or the citrus grove they are pollinating has to be certified organic.
BUT…..and to me this is a BIG BUT……how do they know the bees stay within that area???
How do they know a rogue bee doesn’t one day wake up and say, “I’m sick and tired of orange blossoms! I feel like some clover today!”  So he and his gang of hooligans fly off to an unauthorized area and chow down?

Which leads me to other thoughts….such as when they find a bee hive in someone’s wall….(that’s obviously been there for a loooong time and how did the homeowners not hear it for so long??? But that’s another thought for another day…..) is that some sort of street bee gang? Did they leave the hive because they were tired of being oppressed? Are they making ‘meth’ honey to finance a bee coup???? A world takeover??? Are they weaponizing their stingers??? And suddenly, in my head, I have a whole underground bee culture going on……..

And you think its easy being in my head……lol


  1. When another Queen Bee is born, at maturity, she must fly the hive as two queens can't rule. She leaves the nest with a bunch of drones who will service her and then die. She must leave with worker bees, too (females) who will help her establish a new hive. Maybe in someone's wall

  2. Haha. My mind is always going off on tangents. Haven't thought so much about the bees though.

  3. Oh such thoughts! My mind puzzles ever so often with these kind of things, and we don't even have heat wave here!!

  4. Oh blimey, there's a thought!....reminds me of our son when he was little. He was walking one day with his Gran (husband's late mum), when they saw bees. Being kindly his Gran told him that honey came from bees. Son thought about it for a moment and then said "so honey comes from bees bottoms then"!

  5. I think you need to go and lay down in a 'cool' room lol! That heat is going to your head.

  6. I see a whole new stream of Bee stories and drawings! (BTW...that bee obviously means business)!

  7. lol :-D I love the way your head works ... ;-)


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