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Friday, June 23, 2017

Another Face Class

So......I took another Face class!!! Surprise, surprise, right? LOL 
This one was Making Faces with Lynn Whipple. One of the classes hosted/offered by Carla Sonheim.
I had never taken one of Lynn's classes but after reading the reviews and knowing it was hosted by Carla I jumped right in. 
And am I glad I did!
I no longer think of myself as a beginner so some of what was presented I was already aware of, but I ALWAYS learn something. Plus a class has a way of pushing your limits that you wouldn't necessarily do by yourself.  
And I wasn't disappointed.
I know I have my own style, and no matter how hard I try and emulate some of the artists I admire it comes out me anyway....but......I have to say, with Lyn's guidance, I turned out some not too shabby pieces that I quite like. 
It's a good day when I can add to my growing pile of 'friends'. 
Here are a few of the better ones. 


  1. Excellent, that's my opinion, Excellent. (there, I said it again) 👍

  2. Your people are fabulous. Maybe you should think about teaching a class.

  3. omg Robin, love love love them!! I have heard and seen so much of this class, and I've been thinking about joining too. It looks like a really fun class. And you did it all with your very own twist ;-) The third one must be my favorite. Hope you'll show even more!

  4. You've created some awesome faces, Robin! I especially love the third one.

  5. Great faces! The best thing is you had fun and picked up a few pointers. You definitely have your own style; a fun one!

  6. I love your style! Glad it came through in these great faces that can't help put a smile on my face.... I like them all, but especially face #2. I also really, really, really love Violet the cat. What a wonderful surprise that made a not so great day become great! (thank you!)


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