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Friday, June 16, 2017

Progress………More or Less

Since the GREAT A/C EXPLOSION OF 2017 and replacement thereof, we’ve had to put the house renovations on hold.
But……I’ve been able to squeeze out a few finishing touches in the bedroom.
The Big Red Chair will eventually reside in the living room, replacing Husband’s recliner (YAY! sshhhh….don’t tell him I said that…) and a new Big Grey Chair will be put in the bedroom.
But for now I feel I can call the bedroom/bathroom ‘finished’!

At least I have a nice place to retreat to when the rest of the unfinished house gets on my nerves.


  1. What a haven of a room, Robin! I can feel myself relaxing, just looking at it!

  2. wow. What a beautiful room! You should feel very satisfied...very proud.

    PS - how is the haunted bed head doing?

  3. :-O When I saw the picture of the room on Facebook, I thought it was from a magazine like Better Homes Than Yours. It looks so peaceful. I love the clean lines.

  4. What a beautiful room. Looks sooo relaxing. It's a shame about having to put a hold on the renovation but at least you are nice and cool.

  5. i think your red chair matches my red sofa!! what a comfy looking room!

  6. What a great room! It looks so peaceful and relaxing ....

  7. Lovely!! I really like it!. Congratulations


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