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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

Husband and my mother used to tease me about who had it worse…my mother for having lived with me through the ‘formative years’, aka the teenage years, or Husband for being married to me.  (nice, right? Lol)
My mother always claimed she won on the basis of seniority. She knew me longer than Husband…end of discussion.
Which got me to thinking…she died when I was 45. I met Husband when I was 22. That means when I’m 68 (not that far away now) he’ll be able to claim me on seniority. He will have known me for longer than my mother did.

I’m not sure if that’s sad or funny……..


  1. It's way too early here to work that one out!!! ;)

  2. Your mother would claim she never left you. She's always with you and therefore, still knows you longer and still claims seniority (-;


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