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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

Shower Thoughts

In the warm steamy recesses of my shower anything seems possible. Ideas come to me like manna from heaven. Everything is possible….writing and illustrating a children’s book….writing a serious novel….painting a stunning landscape….
The words flow as if loosened from my mind by the warmth of the water.
Ideas gush like the water from the spigot.
Then they evaporate like the steam on the mirror the moment I dry off.
Gone in an instant.

Such is creativity…….


  1. And most people find inspiration in the great outdoors! Keep hold of those inspirational thoughts and turn them into reality, I can see you writing and illustrating books SERIOUSLY :)

  2. Your creative thoughts don't evaporate with the steam. They are absorbed into your skin. I have no doubt that anything you turn your hand to will be brilliant.

  3. I know the feeling so well. A great idea came to me for a painting yesterday. Today....I can't remember what it was 😕

  4. haha, so recognizable ... ;-)


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