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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Perspective is Everyting

Waiting for the new a/c unit to be installed.....they did give us a 'loaner' to tide us over....but.......
To cool off we float in the pool....and it's GLORIOUS...... (I don't mean to rub it in, sorry.) 
It's interesting how it changes your attitude when you change your perspective. 
The 'view' from the pool.....LOL


  1. Please, oh please, send your heat this way. Today, is another rainy day. Winds are coming due East off the ocean so we will most likely set a record for coldest day time temps. in June. We'll be lucky to reach 50 oF. I want to change my perspective. It's hard to type with mittens on. (-;

  2. Yes you are rubbing it in! It's windy and raining here and it's June.😣

  3. Lol. Nice job on keeping perspective!

  4. Great!!. I have to learn all about this subject.


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