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Friday, January 19, 2018

♪♫♪♫♪ Baby It’s Cold Outside ♪♫♪♫

Woke up this morning and my phone said it was 27°!!! 

No way! It can’t be! This is SOUTH FLORIDA! 
So I turned on the news…..no, it’s not 27°…..it’s 31°!!!!

…the hell…..????

So here I sit all bundled up, heavy sweatshirt over my outfit, swaddled in a fleece throw and SOCKS!

I haven’t had socks on my feet in at least fifteen years!!!! It feels so……weird……
You knew I was going to sketch feet didn't you????? 


  1. That is cold! Unbelievable!
    So good I didn't travel to Florida to escape from the Finnish winter, would've felt so cheated!!

    We have 21 F and one foot of snow. In Europe the south coast of Spain also got snow, and it has been also snowing in Sahara!!!

  2. Still 10 degrees warmer than up here :-D Love the socks. Stay warm.

  3. Those cosy socks just had to be recorded for posterity lol!

  4. Brrr, can’t believe you are colder than here!! ❄️ Love your drawing and socks 👍

  5. We came back from Colombia to a house that was 58 inside. CRAZY. Brought some warm with us though. I love your sketch! Of course it was feet!

  6. hahaha, now you know what the rest of the world is going through ;-) Well, okay, not all of us, but a large part anyway. Your socks look shiny and new! Praise yourself lucky you had some in the house :-)

  7. That's really cold for FL and not good for all the citrus trees. Your sketch is great and made me smile. Stay warm!


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