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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Electronic Twilight Zone…. Re Faire

Never has it been more evident than last night when I went to make my Fauxppuccino.
A little background here…..I have been making myself what I loving dubbed a Fauxppuccino for years. It’s a blended concoction of flavored K-cups, crushed ice and skim milk. I make it in the single serving container of my Ninja blender. So, last night, there I was with all the ingredients in the container….I plop it on the base……AND……..nothing!



The power button doesn’t even light up. Uh-oh……

Okay, so I make sure it’s plugged in (don’t laugh; you know you’ve done that too!)


The ground fault plug hasn’t popped.


The container has engaged with the base.


Hmmmmm. I don’t see a problem but like any good technician shooting a trouble I retrace my steps from the beginning.

Check, check and check.

I can’t figure out the problem and am beginning to get frustrated which, in turn, brings Husband into the kitchen to see what’s going on. As he walks by he pushes the power button and the F#@*ING thing turns on instantly!!! He chuckles and keeps on walking.

I push the ‘single serving’ button that is supposed to engage the blades and……..NOTHING!!!!

Not a whirr, not a hum, not a sound of any kind!

I push it again….. nothing!

At this point I'm really starting to get pissed ……..Husband walks by again, leisurely pushes the single serve button, and the Ninja starts like it's going to blast off the counter!!!!
I don't know what's going on here but I have christened Husband the Appliance Whisperer


  1. Sorry for your frustration, but that is too funny. Appliance Whisperer. I don't have that problem with appliance, but I do throw off some sort of weird electrical aura that I have stopped clocks (wristwatches) an hour or so after a new battery was put in. Trips to a jeweler for a battery check and the battery is fresh as a daisy. Go figure! Glad you were able to drink your Fauxpuccino

    1. My dad couldn’t wear a watch even before the battery type. They always stopped on him!

  2. I totally sympathise with you. Can ANYTHING be more annoying than a husband who can casually look like they are So clever and we are wimps! (By now you will have realised that I too have been the victim of this cruel and annoying husband trick....personally I think they have been reading the magician wikipedia page). 🧐

  3. Maddening when that happens! Really. I had a lock I couldn’t open. My husband tried it and it opened instantly. I used the correct combo. I think it finally got lubricated enough from all the tries (outside lock) that it finally worked but he “knows” I didn’t use the right combo. Aargh!


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