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Monday, January 1, 2018

Submitted For Your Approval……

Sorry, I spent the weekend watching the Twilight Zone marathon…...............................
and playing with my new toy, TableyToo.

The boys wanted to get me something special for Christmas. At first, Son1 tried talking me into a Wacom tablet but I said absolutely NOT! $2400 is WAAAAY too much money for a toy. 

We spent days messaging back and forth and debating the pros and cons of all sorts of devices. We finally narrowed it down and I decided I wanted another Samsung. I thought because I'm already familiar with Tabley AND because it supports the new and improved Sketchbook Pro app that I love. Old Tabley doesn't support the new and improved Sketchbook app....and the new and improved app has features I'm looking for, specifically a time lapse recorder. 

I've been setting it up and getting the feel of the controls, so to speak.

So, as I titled this post....submitted for your approval here is my first time lapse video.....

A 'one-liner'.


I have to say....even though I'm not 'on camera' I was a little camera shy doing this....lol 
Go figure. 


  1. That was SO much fun to watch! I'm not surprised that a foot was part of your first! Great job, friend!

  2. That was mesmerizing to watch. At first I wasn't sure what you were drawing and then had to laugh A foot! Of course. What else would Robin sketch! Use your new toy in good health.

  3. What is it about you and feet? Lol!
    Great video. A start of great things to come.


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