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Monday, January 15, 2018

Because I Can

These were exercises in mark making I was working on for a class. 

And because I'm still trying to perfect my screen captures on TableyToo
 and because I can...... I made this for your amusement! 
(Okay, it was really for my own amusement but why keep it to myself when I can make you suffer too!) 
Make sure your sound is turned on, it's
 the best part! ;)
 (It's also better at full screen.....just sayin', lol)


  1. Oh, yes you can!! That brush looks amazingly real!
    Music in your animation was a bit too perky for me ;)

  2. I call that a job well done. Still amazes me how you can draw on a tablet {{round of applause}} :)

  3. Loved the music. But I was expecting a foot! :-D

  4. Well...Brush My Hair! That was cool...and I love the drawings AND music!

  5. Loved it! Those bristles look real☺

  6. I watched full screen, and listened at a loud volume, and smiled all the way through it! Loved it!


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