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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Santa (aka Son1 & Son2) was very good to us this year! They got Husband a new Garmin GPS device.

I think I’ve told you several stories about ‘Daniel’ his old Garmin.

We still used Daniel whenever we traveled, but…..and this was a HUGE but…..Husband never updated it. Because it was just too expensive. It cost less in the long run to buy a new device than to update the old one. The trouble was….and I say this with love in my heart…..he never bought a new one because “Daniel is just fine, he gets us there….eventually.”

Except we go up to Tampa/St. Pete quite a bit and they are doing massive road expansions. It’s been going on for years! And Daniel had no idea! He had us turning into a retaining wall at one point for God’s sake!!! Even then Husband argued with my Google map and preferred to side with Daniel!!!!


So an elf told Santa Husband needed a new one and we got…….SAMANTHA!


She tells us where to go in a gentle and soothing voice, she lets us know IN ADVANCE which lane to be in for the next step in the journey, she gives a gentle little ‘ping’ when someone (I’m not naming names) goes over the speed limit, and best of all she doesn’t shout ‘RECALCULATING’  when we decide to make a pit stop (or make a wrong turn.)

 I think it might even be said she’s a marriage counselor…..she certainly has made one marriage much more pleasant….at least on road trips!  


  1. I would say that Updating Daniel would have helped....alas how wrong I would be....we have a Garmin, it's old and husband has updated on a (fairly) regular basis....and the sodding thing still doesn't know which way to turn (the Garmin not husband)! grrrr!!! So, we're going to hold out for a newer car over the next year or so and hopefully get a fitted GPS....(I won't hold my breath though)!

  2. Oh, good for you, Samantha, the savior of marriages <3

  3. :-D We name our Madge, after Magellan. I like the Madges that prompt you with a ding-ding so you know when to make the turn. Madge is built into my car. She also doesn't announce recalculating every time you deviate from her plan. i do think one day she will just say Fine! You're on your own. You people never listen to me anyway!.

  4. Santa WAS great to you guys! I use WAZE on my cell...and I call her Sweetie Pie...and she's made our life and marriage that much calmer, too!

  5. Samantha sounds (and looks) BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!


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