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Monday, May 19, 2014

My Fav Pic of Son1

This is my favorite picture of Son1.
Taken when he was in high school.
I spent an entire day making this!
Breaking it down into shapes I saw and using just three values.
I did it on Tablet.
I scanned the original snapshot and enlarged it so I could see the shapes and not be distracted by knowing it was Son1.
It was an interesting lesson in looking, really looking and seeing the shapes and shadows.

When I was finished I was quite please with myself.
Then I found out……. in Photoshop you can do the same thing with just a single click of the mouse!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well, it’s still my fav pic of Son1! 


  1. A great effect. I wouldn't know where to start. Not even with photoshop.

  2. What a lovely son you have, great picture. Well done for keeping going and doing these tones yourself, you would have learnt so much more than just one click in Photoshop......I think, lol ;)

  3. I am awed with what you can do with your tablet. I want to come over for lessons

  4. Very cool!! Great picture.

  5. Awesome picture. Now you know how photoshop does it! You're way ahead of the game. :)

  6. wow! that's beautiful! you wouldn't have learnt as much by just clicking it in photoshop so time well spent


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