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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What Triggers A Memory……?

When I was about ten I was obsessed with playing jacks.
I played ALL the time.
The kitchen linoleum was the best place for playing.
I would bounce that ball for hours on end.

Then my parents carpeted the kitchen!
I was furious!
Who ever heard of carpeting a kitchen?

My father, who was president of a carpet corporation, that’s who.

I was really pi**sed!
And I didn’t let them forget it either.
I protested and grumbled and griped and complained for weeks!

My mother suggested playing in the family room, “But the ball doesn’t bounce right on the parquet!” I lamented.
Play on the porch she said, “But the concrete scrapes my hand” I cried.

I was a total pain in the ass. (I thought if I was annoying enough they would change their minds and leave the linoleum. I had a lot to learn about psychology back then!)

I remember I kept my jacks in an old band aid tin.
I loved the way they rattled when I shook it.

I guess my infatuation waned after the carpet was installed.
I played at friends houses but it wasn’t the same and my interest turned to other things.

There is no point to this story.

I was just wondering what triggers a memory…….


  1. Well, you've triggered my memory. I used to love playing Jacks too (whatever happened to mine I wonder?)...faced with a set again, I think I would get as much fun playing with them!...although come to think about it, I was never completely sure of the 'rules' - think I made up my own, lol.

  2. You brought back childhood memories for me too. I used to love playing Jacks.

  3. What triggers a memory? Something you saw, something you ate, something you smelled or heard. And sometimes for no reason. I loved to spin the jacks like tops.

  4. I played jacks for a couple years straight myself. Now…I'm teaching Sophia - and we'll see how she does when I see her in June.

  5. Cool memory. don't know that I ever knew the rules.


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