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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What I'm Reading

Occasionally, when I think it’s really worth it I recommend a book.
This one I wholeheartedly recommend!
I haven’t read any of Austin Kleon’s other books(although after this one I’m on my way to Amazon to order his ‘Steal Like An Artist)  but this one I can say it worth the time.
It’s a ‘Here’s what you should be doing’ kind of book.
It outlines some simple, doable, down to earth strategies for putting yourself out there and making your mark in the big WORLD WIDE WEB.
I thought it made very good sense and made me feel better about some of the choices I’ve made.

Your mileage may vary.


  1. Sounds a good read....I'm off to Amazon myself now - cheers ;)

  2. thanks for the recommendation…this sounds like something i'd like.

  3. I was at a meeting Saturday and a couple of people mentioned these books! I guess the Universe is telling me to pay attention.

  4. I too, just finished reading this book and feel I've gained some valuable information. Good stuff!!

  5. You are the second person recommending this book to me, so now it's on my list!


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