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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I’m cranky!

PSA: get ready for a rant…….

When did meanness replace humor?  I must have missed that memo. The one that says it’s okay to hurl insults and slander at someone, anyone, and call it humor. Or worse yet call it entertainment. Reality TV? It’s no more real than Pamela Anderson’s breasts. It’s bad behavior gone wild! Veiled as entertainment! Just random meanness.
Between that, the news, and all this political bulls*%t I’m ready to turn in my membership card and find another race to join (other than this ‘human race’.)
Just when did we become so mean?

Okay, the soapbox is all yours, have a go……..


  1. You said it! I agree. I think it started with the anonymity of the internet and the reality shows and dare I say it, with Obama running for President. What race shall we join? I'm partial to the canines but humans control them.

  2. So true. The trends today are to bully, to bitch, to stab in the back. And oh yes, it's entertainment. The weakest link must be eliminated.
    I never liked candid camera as a child, I felt misery for the people who got cheated and laughed at. The concept is nowadays the same, only the camera isn't hidden anymore.

    I don't think politics are the reason of these cold and mean values, I should more blame media and the possibility it has created to be a star for 15 minutes. People want to be celebrities without doing anything for it, the mere existence is enough a reason to aim at the spotlight thanks to those everlasting, never ending Reality-TV-series

  3. I'm with you on this one. A joke is one thing, being mean is completely different.

  4. It begins with some of the cartoons that our babies watch. No wonder why we have more bullies showing up in our schools. We lived without tv for 7 years when the kids were little…and if it weren't for hubby…would do so again.

  5. this is why i only watch old re-runs/movies on TV. i can't stand mean. i DO have control of the remote…most of the time :)

    And yes, I hate all the political commercials running right now. mud-slinging fools!! all of them…doesn't matter if they are right or left!!

    we are instigating "wireless Wednesdays" in our house this summer. No tv, phone or computer (after work). if it were up to me, it would be wireless weekdays!

  6. ahhhh i am fortunate to be ignorant here, we have no cable tv only our three hypercorrect national channels, and all the internet comments i see are on artist blogs like yours so all that is pretty decent i say. bloggers should rule the world.

  7. I have not had a tv in the house in more than 4 years. I don't miss it. Movies on Netflix is enough for me. But you are right. People can be very mean. Bohemiannie is right. All those cartoons that our kids watched, that we watched growing up. They weren't for kids. They were for adults.


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