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Friday, May 2, 2014

Husband’s Flying Nightmare

Picture it:
A darkened bedroom somewhere in Southwest Florida.
4:23 AM.
I become vaguely aware of a light moving around the room.
I struggle to open my eyes and what do I see?

Husband, in his underwear, tiptoeing around the room shining a tiny flashlight here and there.
He’s peeking behind the chest.
Shining the light up to the ceiling.
Ducking down and looking under the bed……

At first I’m not sure if I’m dreaming.
Or maybe it’s Husband who’s dreaming.
Sleep walking?

“Problem?” I ask.

“I’m looking for him.” He says.


Obviously it’s not an intruder he’s looking for. I can surmise that from the places he’s investigating.

I’m still not sure he’s awake.

‘He?” I ask.

“A GIGANTIC bug!” he says, stretching his arms out as far as they can go to show me the size.
“The sound of his flapping wings woke me up, but now I can’t find him. He flew over here to your side of the room.”

Oaky, now there are two problems….a possibly sleepwalking/hallucinating Husband AND a flying dinosaur on MY side of the room.

I did the only sensible thing I could.
I very calmly said, “Great. Let me know how it turns out.” rolled over and went back to sleep!

(He never did find the flying dinosaur, even the next morning in the light of day…….)


  1. LOL, well this definitely started my day off on a good note...(she writes through the tears!) ;)

  2. :-D I would have been out of bed like a shot, pillow and blanket in tow and heading for the sofa. No way would I be able to go back to sleep knowing a Godzilla creature was lurking in the bedroom

  3. :) well, keep us posted in case it comes back!!


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