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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Allow Me To Rant!

I just received THE AMERICAN COMMUNITY SURVEY in the mail today.
 Now, I’m all for the Census, which I dutifully filled out last year.
The Census asked simple questions pertaining to how many people reside in my home which is strictly for representation in Washington. I get it. And I’m all for a complete and accurate count.
Then I get this survey and I wonder why, after just filling out the Census last year. I open it and start to read…..
The more I read the angrier I’m getting.
This survey goes BEYOND what I consider things my government needs to know about me.
It starts out innocuous enough. The usual who, how many, what ages.
 But then it stars to get, um, weird.
It wants to know how many bathrooms I have in my house!? (Information you could easily obtain elsewhere, but why do they need to know this?)
It asks my income. Wait, I think they know that already! I file my tax returns every year.
Who I work for, how much is my income, how many hours per week I work, where my work is located.
 What language do I speak in my home (Swahili, FYI). Do I have health coverage, if so with whom.
What is my education level…Does anyone in my home suffer from MENTAL ILLNESS!?
They want to know what time I LEAVE FOR WORK EVERYDAY!
Now, I’ve never been one to fight the government, but I think I’m going to have to dig my heels in here.
They threaten fines and jail time for not complying with this survey.
(So I might not be blogging for a while! LOL)
The more I think about this the more annoyed I get.
How much money do they spend on this? I think it would have been better spent to hire some of our MANY unemployed in this country to cull the information from the numerous data banks the government already has on us!
Maybe even hire IT people to program NEW data banks to cross reference this information.
And don’t think for a minute they don’t already have this information!
They’ve just become so ineffective they can’t FIND it!
So, if you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll know why.
I’ll be sitting in some cell somewhere because I refused to tell my  FREE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT (whom I elect and pay) what time I leave for work!   (LOL?)


  1. Hi Robin, just wondered do you like cake! I could make one and put a file in it for you...but don't put that on your form, they may come after me:/ (Oh, and do you think your form was a con to get info on just the local area?)......anyway hope you get to read this before the men with the flashy lights come knocking on your door!!

  2. Ann, thanks I'll take the cake, if it comes to that! LOL
    I thought it might be a scam too, but after doing some research it appears to be for real:(

  3. Ha Ha Ha Ann! I'll come with you to visit when you deliver the cake! Goodness...I wonder if they can find me in Colombia when my form isn't returned...assuming they sent one to me! Can't believe this!

  4. PS - Think of all the time you'll have for Art Therapy!

  5. Are you sure this is legit? It doesn't sound like it to me. I would not send it in without checking it out first as wanting to know what time you leave for work is so over the top is sounds like a scam.

  6. Wow, I just looked it up and it IS legit. I can understand they want to know how Americans are living but we are supposed to trust the info gatherers because they took an OATH? People sell this stuff everyday - look at the current Murdoch scandal!


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