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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some days it works and some days, not so much!

I still like it though!
For some reason I’m really drawn (no pun intended, for once!) to sketching this shape.
And I’ve been playing around with turquoise. I think it might be my new favorite color.  


  1. Never mind the Oooops! - it all adds to this painting, it's lovely.

  2. It looks pretty good to me, despite the oops. Turquoise is one of my favorites as well.

  3. Nice drawing. Regardless of ooops (photoshop remove?).

  4. I thought of Photoshop to remove the ooops, but I think I like it warts and all! (Besides, I already 'Photoshopped' the 'ooops' part into it! LOL)

  5. It looks great and "real" with the oops. You probably could have lifted some of it to lighten it but it might have shown and that would have been a bigger oops! Turquoise is a pretty color especially in summer thinking of the sea.


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